An email conversation about quitting smokeless tobacco. : Quit Dipping Now
I am a nicotine addict, but, I am recovering.  Since you're here, you might be looking for a    door to recovery as well.  Welcome to our adventure - -  quitting smokeless tobacco.  You can quit dipping!!
On Jan. 5, (which happens to be my dad's birthday), I gave up snuff after 40 years.  Yep,  40 years, and cold turkey.  I started dipping in the 3rd grade -- 8 years old.  How you say?
I'm quitting dipping tobacco with a burning desire and a tobaccoless chew:



There are lots of brands and lots of texture of herbal snuff.  One that surely will fit your        taste and needs.  For me, it has been Hooch Snuff.  It is herbal, totally natural, packs right   and  NO NICOTINE.  Don't misunderstand, my decision to quit was not on a whim.  It had      been brewing in my mind for a while.  I needed a plan for quitting smokeless tobacco, so,
I called my friend Lynn, who quit dipping about 5 years ago, for some advice.  He  was glad to talk about it.  In fact, he said he felt like a recovering alchoholic and  wanted to help all who wanted help. I asked, "How can I quit dipping snuff?"  His response was just 5 words:
         You must want to --- BAD.
And, you have to want to for you.
  Lots of ways to do it, but, you have to want to.
I invite you to click
& check out JAKES MINT CHEW.
It has been my lifesaver and may be yours. I
have used my Herbal alternative to get me
throught the physical part of my addiction; the
habit of having something between my
cheek and gum. A smokeless tobacco alternative.
It could be the help you have been looking for. 

  The Adventure of Quitting               Smokless Tobacco!!!!!!
     Quit dipping snuff.  You really can stop                chewing and all spit tobacco today with a                                    Tobaccoless chew. 
Smokeless Tobacco Alternative.

An email conversation about quitting smokeless tobacco.

by Charlie Kerr on 10/21/10



SS:  Okay, Charlie ... I'm on day 3 without Cope n hagen and it's getting worse. AAAAuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhh !!!!


Charlie:  Hang in there brother. There is a better day ahead.... not sure which day that will be, but you will know when you get there and you will be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunflower seeds may help anong with the Hooch.


SS:  I have some Hooch and I have some seeds and neither are calling my name like the snuff is. How long did you want snuff, after not having it?


Charlie:  About 3 weeks total. Got better and better each day. I put quite a bit of ground pepper in mine for about a month. Gave it a little more burn. Don't know what it did or if that really helped but didn't hurt. Good luck. Hang on, it really is worth it.  Quitting smokeless tobacco is hard business.  If you made it 3 days you can make it one more; And another after that.  Just have to keep on quitting dipping.  Every day!


SS:  Well, I'm on the 4th day, and it's hit and miss. At times, I would floss with a baboon's butt hairs to have some snuff. Otra vez, I'm better than yesterday. Go figure. It's wearing me out! PS ... I tried more pepper, even in the Spitfire.


Charlie:  Strange how we are isn't it? ---a bout the pepper I mean. BTW, if we really knew, there likely is baboon butt hair in the bad stuff. That’s a thought.


SS:  Day 5, and I appreciate this crazy correspondence. My urges are going from constant to only the major moments (AM drive, post-lunch, PM drive, post-dinner). Wait, that's still a majority of the time. Oh, well - I've placed $18 in the jar and it'll have $24 this evening (spending to savings).


Charlie:  Are you still off the bad stuff?  Hope so.


SS:  None for 10 days. Today is 11th, I guess. Use Spitfire Hooch way more than planned. I speak in short sentences. Can't piece together longer sentences. I almost had a wreck; my fault. I get in some sort of fog. But my urges and sinister impulses and flash rages have calmed. Mostly. Thank you for asking. Really.


Charlie:  EXACTLY!!!! "... and sinister impulses and flash rages have calmed. Mostly." I've been there. You are so close to being over the hump. 


Charlie:  Do you mind if I use some of our messages on my website? No full names. Don't know if I will but I might somewhere. Maybe on the testimonial page or in the blog.

SS:  You can use any of our conversations or exchanges about this, for your site.


Charlie:  When someone asks you how you did it, if you would, send them here:




If I can, you can quit dipping snuff.

































This is a recent email conversation about quitting smokeless tobacco.


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1. SS said on 4/11/11 - 04:53AM
22-AUG-2010 was the day I stopped Copenhagen, after 25 years of using it. Today is 11-APR-2011 and I'm still off the Cope. My use of Hooch has gone from 1 can per day to 1 can per 3 days. I still think about buying a can of Copenhagen each time I enter a convenience store ... but I haven't yet. Good luck to you guys, good luck to me, good luck to all of us.

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